California Wraps wants to keep all aspects of your vehicle protected!  Using Clear-Plex Windshield Protection Film, your vehicle is now safe from having to replace that costly windshield.  Years of research, formulation, testing, and data collecting went into this remarkable product.  Though everything can't be 100% preventative, Clear-Plex has done an awesome job designing their exterior windshield film, to yield almost a perfect success rate!  Imagine... NEVER ever getting an annoying, out of know-where: rockchip...  California Wraps with Clear-Plex Exterior Windshield Protection Film, can make this possible.

Windshield Protection.png
  • Protect your windshield from damage, repair and replacement.

  • Protect your family and your drivers from the risk of windshield damage.

  • Reduce the risk of damage from road hazards, rocks, and debris that will scratch your windshield.

  • Protect your car's interior from sun damage with the invisible windshield skin that provides Ultra-Violet Ray (U/V) Protection.

  • Protect the durability of your vehicle's windshield and the structural integrity of your automobile. ClearPlex® is part of the vehicle safety system that protects your family, your drivers and your investment from damage.

  • ClearPlex® Windshield Protection Film can be easily installed on your vehicle by our growing list of dealers and installers throughout the United States, Asia, Australia, southern Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and South America.

  • Reduce the lost-time and inconvenience that is caused by repairing your windshield glass or worse---having to replace your windshield.