Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra

Our Installers at California Wraps are Xpel Factory Certified and Trained.

An Automotive clear bra is applied to a vehicles impacted areas (hood, mirrors, front and rear bumper, fenders, rocker panels, and splash areas) - that can be effected by road debris, rocks, sand, trash, bugs, and tar.  Xpel PPF can be installed as a full coverage wrap to cover every sq. Inch of the vehicle painted surface to completely protect the paint underneath.  The purpose of the film is to protect the surface of the vehicle almost creating a barrier between nature and the paint so you do not have to ever worry about bird droppings, scratches, door dings, rock chips or anything you may encounter on a normal driving basis.  Each and every car is custom cut and installed and every edge and corner is wrapped for the seamless appearance so you will never even know it's there.

      Benefits - 

  • 10 Year Manufacturer backed Warranty
  • Retains the Resale value of the vehicle
  • Crystal Clear Finish
  • Paint and Headlight UV protection to
    protect against headlight yellowing

Xpel Stealth Clear Bra (Matte)

If you currently have a matte finish vehicle, we have a Clear Bra for that as well!  Not only can you now protect your nice and glossy paint job, now you can protect that pricy matte paint job or wrap.  Repairing or repainting a matte finish is near impossible to do correctly and can be quite costly in the process so why not protect it from the beginning and save yourself some time.  

  • Protects your Matte Vehicle from the damaging elements
  • Xpel Stealth is a Pefect Match to factory or aftermarket paint
  • Also Carries a 10 Year Manufacturer backed Warranty